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    If you’ve ever done the school drop off in your pink robe then you might want to read this:  Melinda Ayre, mother of two, beauty journalist and founder of www.beautyhunter.com.au  talks school gate style staples: When you’re a mother of small children I know how hard it is to get out of the … [Read More...]


    Winners are grinners..but what happens to the losers?

    My father flew into town last week on a business trip and on Saturday we were enjoying a rare moment with him on the sidelines of my son's rugby match.  Since my Dad had never seen my youngest son play rugby it was one of those moments in which I, my son and my Dad really cherished and while my … [Read More...]

    Food & Well Being


    Gluten free quinoa pasta with zucchini, herbs & tuna

    I have to admit my inspiration for this dish came from this month's Australian Gourmet Traveller salted and lemoned raw zucchini salad.  I loved the idea of the flavours of this dish - but wanted to translate it to the dinner table as a main that my kids would eat.  I added quinoa pasta and tuna … [Read More...]


    Supermarket beauty: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle

    When I turned down the toiletries aisle of my local supermarket I wasn't looking for miracles, just a toothbrush.  Of course any woman who does the Saturday shop will agree when I say that the toiletries aisle is for women what the candy caddie at the check out is for children.  You are really … [Read More...]



    Even the stars are snuggling ‘em up in Emu

    If, like me you've resigned yourself to the fact that winter is coming early in Sydney, then there really is only one thing to do...yep start shopping for winter gear.  I don't know, after this last spate of cold weather I have no faith we are going to need anything from here on in but warm woolly … [Read More...]

    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Recorders People on People

    Art for kids: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Sydney’s MCA

    Getting a bit of culture into kids is like getting vegetables into them, at some point (for most kids that is) it is necessary to resort to either blackmail, bribery or some form of chicannery (think veggies in hamburger mince or marshmallows on sweet potatoes).    Unlike veggies though, you can take them along to the odd gallery or historical exhibit – but you can never be sure [...]

    boy with suitcase

    The holiday adventure that begins at home

    We were only a few days into the school holidays and I was getting the old, “I’m bored….” moan.  You know I must have done it too when I was younger, but I’m fairly certain we had fewer distractions and possibly less supervision back then.  Not that having to come up with a solution to boredom was necessarily a bad thing, in fact [...]